We trap cats on your property for sterilization, adoption, euthanasia, or transfer them into your own holding carriers. 






We strongly encourage you to remove any cats that are tame enough for you to easily pick up and recommend that you try to place them in a good home or take them to the local shelters or rescue organizations.  When you call for our services this is a strong indication you have feral cats (never had contact with or handled by humans) and the adoption possibility rate is low.  We attempt to place kittens when the opportunity arises.  We will take the rest of the cats to a local shelter.  It is up to the staff at that shelter to determine if they are adoptable.


We will trap YOUR cats and transfer them into your carriers.  We offer this option for people that are moving away but cannot catch their cats to transport them to their new home.  This also applies to cats who need medical care from a veterinarian.


When we trap for sterilizing, they are held for at least 24 hours after surgery.  Once they are alert and eating properly, we will return them back to your property.  They also will receive a rabies vaccination and have a tip on their left ear.  A tip on the ear indicates this may be a feral cat BUT will not reproduce because it has been sterilized. 


We offer euthanasia of colony cats.  We only provide this service if you are the OWNER of the cats.  For instance you have witnessed them being born and grow  up on your property, and/or you feed them on a regular basis for not less than 3 months.  Or if you have Power of Attorney of an estate on which the cats reside who's owner surrenders all rights to you.  When there is no longer regular feeding and proper maintenance for a healthy environment for these cats, this may be the most humane alternative.  Although we highly encourage the alternate option for adoption whenever possible.


Sometimes for no apparent reason your cat may become vicious and seems not to recognize you nor its' surroundings.  If you cannot retrieve your pet or you are afraid to capture the cat, we can capture it safely, place it in your carrier for you to transport to your veterinarian or we can make the delivery for you.  If you are fearful of your pet and no longer want it in your home we can remove it for euthanasia.  No aggressive cat will be adopted out.





If your pet died, we offer pickup for burial or private cremation.  We will remove them from your home, veterinarians office, or place of business.  Contact us directly to handle the arrangements.  If it is after hours we will make every attempt possible to have your pet removed quickly.





When you have decided to euthanize your elderly or sick cat, we offer pickup where ever your animal is in Miami-Dade county.  We can deliver your pet to your veterinarian, or to a local shelter. The choice is yours.