You may have been unfortunate to discover a strange dead animal on your lawn. The county run Animal Services Department will not remove anything dead on private property. It will be solely your responsibility to have it removed.

Humane Animal Removal, will quickly respond to your dead animal call and have it properly picked up and disposed of. It is not necessary to disinfect the area, we suggest to let mother nature take its' course after the body is removed, the smell will go away. The only exception to this rule is when an animal dies on a surface that does not allow "seepage". In these situations we suggest a simple garden hose with earth friendly soapy water. Many people like to spray "PineSol" or its' equivalent to mask the odor which is fine, but it is not advisable to use too much as it can kill grass and vegetation on the area if improperly used. Either way, the smell will be gone within 24 hours or less.

Some companies use scare tactics to charge you extra money for "sanitizing" the area, we don't believe in these tactics. With more than 20 years of picking up everything from lizards to livestock we simply don't see the need to charge extra money for this or to deceive our clients. We will remove this dead animal quickly and professionally.

Humane Animal Removal, we are ready to assist you. Seven days a week with after hours service calls. 305-232-1100 or email

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