Humane Animal Removal will pickup your cat anywhere in Miami, from Florida City to North Miami Beach and Southern Broward county.

In general, cats live longer than dogs but sooner or later your cat is going to pass on. When it does, we are the ones to call. Many cats are more than just pets, they are actual family members and we understand this in your difficult time. Our services include fast pickup and removal, burial or cremation and proper paperwork.

Disposal Options are:
1) Standard burial of your cat: This is the most common and economical request for disposal. Your cat will be buried with other animals- together, no extra fee is charged to you.
2) Group cremation of your cat: NO ashes returned, your cat will be cremated with other animals together and the ashes will be disposed of without being sent back to you. (You will be charged per pound of your cats weight).
3) Private cremation with ashes returned to you:Your cat will be cremated alone and the ashes returned to you will be solely of your own pet cat. (You will be charged per pound of your cats weight, plus a redelivery fee returning your pets ashes).

When we arrive on your property you will be asked to fill out some paperwork before we remove your pet cat. Cats are not mandated by the county to be registered, but if you volunteered to do this, we would need your cats tag number. We offer as a courtesy to you, an emailed "Proof Of Death" certificate for your safe keeping. On this Proof of Death are instructions to get your tag information updated with the County Animal Services Department. In order to give you this certificate we will need the eight digit tag number. If your cat is not registered or you are not sure, no problem, just let us know, as no Proof of Death certificate will be necessary for our office to create.

We are truly sorry about your loss. We can give you comfort knowing that we care also...Humane Animal Removal, we are ready to assist you. Seven days a week with after hours service calls. 305-232-1100 or email

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