Humane Animal Removal specializes in the removal of dead animals. This includes house pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds. We also remove animals that have died on your property such as opossums, raccoons, rats, foxes and everything in between. When they die on your lawn, you can't just let them lay there and decay as it may take weeks to decompose. It is NOT advised to bury these animals because other wild animals may dig up the carcass for food. In some cases the the "seepage" could get into your well water. The county will NOT remove any dead animal from your private property. It is your responsibility to remove it or simply call us! Humane Animal Removal will remove your dead animal within 2 hours of your call. We do the job that nobody else will do!

Since 1986, Humane Animal Removal has picked up every kind of dead animal from field mice to livestock, from tree frogs to pythons, you name it, we remove it! There's nothing wrong with not wanting to touch a dead animal, especially when you don't know why it died. Most die of natural causes but sometimes humans are the cause and not always by accident. When these situations occur, we encourage you to contact the local police department for an investigation. While rare, it does happen.

Dead animals can appear on your property in just about any location. We remove dead animals from under your home or office, in the attic, in the walls and even in the pool. It's never an easy job but as the saying goes "Somebody's got to do it".

We have removed and will remove for you:
Dead animals in your pool
Dead animals caught in fences
Dead animals from Santeria sacrifices
Dead animals from religious sacrifices
Dead animals with pinched hips by tree branches
Dead animals in car engines
Dead animals behind your water heater
Dead animals on sea walls
Dead animals in flower beds
Dead animals in dumpsters
Dead animals from chains (hung or tangled)
Dead animals in streets
Dead rats under houses, in walls, in attics
Dead Raccoons under houses, in walls, in attics
Dead Opossums under houses, in walls, in attics
Dead animals from tenting
Dead animals from poison in the attic or under houses

Humane Animal Removal, we are ready to assist you. Seven days a week with after hours service calls. 305-232-1100 or email

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